Who is Deepak?


Hi, my name is Deepak Machado.

deepak headshot 1

I have a clear mission in my life:

To help 10000 coaches and writers / bloggers succeed online. 😎

I am so happy that you have taken time to be here. I appreciate your time.

I believe that internet has leveled the playing field for everyone. Following is a true statement in the context of internet. You have access to same resources as anyone else in the world.


Yes, that’s true. You don’t need fancy degrees; you don’t need formal education. Only thing that you need is a device that can connect to internet and a clear Goal.

I am saying this because, my life has changed since the day I started my blogs. Few of them are emiratesdiary.com, dirhamtalk.com.

My Background

I was born in a modest household on the west coast of India. I had rather good childhood with my grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, lot of neighbors. I am thankful I grew up among so many wonderful people.

deepak machado with grandfather and uncle

That’s me in the picture there. And these are two of my most admired humans. One is my grandfather and other is my uncle.

My grandfather was the most supportive person during my childhood; often giving me tips from his life. I remember one of his tips: Live to give.”

It was only after he expired that my family realised that people owed him in millions which he neatly documented; some dating back to 1950s. All written off!

My uncle is the most humble human being that I have ever seen. He is calm as a cucumber and very helping in nature.

My Childhood

deepak and donald childhood 1

Here is my brother and I in our own world of no worries and full of smiles. My childhood was spent roaming around my house and interacting with loads of neighbors, relatives and friends. As far as I could recall, I was a happy go lucky dude!

Growing up:

I really enjoyed school. Not because of the studies! Because I could spend time with my friends. I still am in touch with those rascals who helped me commit so many petty white crimes. But you know what? Life is about memories. Nothing else.

As I was growing up, at one point in my life I had thought about becoming a priest. Although I could not, this taught me several life lessons that till today help me.

I used to be embarrassed to show some of my pictures even to my friends; not anymore. These days, I am proud to show off these.

deepak before college

While in college, I was selected to part of the College Magazine Editorial Committee. A proud moment for me.

deepak college magazine loyola college

Move outside India

Moving to Dubai was quite a fluke. One fine day in the year 2006 my uncle (the one above!) called me to tell that my visit visa for Dubai was ready and I must go there to find a better future. And who would give up on this Dubai dream? I came and found my job and life went on well.

The Epiphany!!! (The Change)

Year 2010. Life was great. I had a well paying job. I had a good life mate. I was well into 4 years at my company at the time. Great colleagues, Good managers. Good CEO. I had everything going for me.

Then one day a a rude shock out of the blue. My boss called in into his cabin and gave me the news that my services were no more required for the company. I was devastated. I was shocked to the point that I could not move for few moments!

One reason was I had lost my job; but much beyond that, it was my son…who was few months old.

All weird thoughts came to my mind: “How do we survive?

I started blaming the circumstances. I blamed the company. The management. The system.

This went on for few weeks. But then the reality came knocking.


I applied for as many jobs as possible. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Crickets.

I was filled with remorse for my company for putting me in this situation.

But, a voice at the back of my head….. ‘you have no one to blame but yourself.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

You have to up-skill yourself – someone told me.

The First Venture

During my career, I had build a good network of contacts. I started a small venture with whatever money I could pull in. But the thought of failure kept me awake at night. I ‘Chickened’ out. That’s why I call myself a Chicken Entrepreneur”, someone who gets scared easily and flutters away.


Yes, I failed.

I have nothing to hide. But you know what I learnt?

I learnt how to write and blog. I learnt how stuff worked online. This was a chance occurring. I was always interested to write. But, did not know where to to start. My Co-Founder at that time, Balagopal (God bless him!) taught me initial ropes of starting up with blogging.

That’s it. I was glued in.

I tried writing about random things. Nothing happened literally.

And then one day, I wrote an article: List of Schools in Dubai.Opens in a new tab.

‘Somehow’ that post went wild on the internet. I started receiving messages from people asking more questions about schools. Schools started sending me messages that they wanted to get featured on the post. Advertisers wanting to advertise on my site.

I felt weird! Never has this occurred to me.

The blog post which ‘somehow‘ went popular was not a fluke, in hindsight! I did not understand this at the moment. What did I do?

I solved a problem in the marketplace!! The solution I provided was that of ‘information,’ which was valued by the society.

Over the years, I started covering more and more topics. And one point in time, my blogs combined had visits of more than 400,000 monthly.

In the meantime I found a job and side by side my blogs were doing well. But you see, not all the jobs are permanent. I lost that job again in the year 2014.

And at that point an epiphany stuck me. You can’t depend on a job.’

At that time, my blogs were bringing in substantial earning for me to live comfortably.

I am telling you all this not because I want to brag about my achievements; but to prove t hat you don’t need to be a genius, intelligent, technical person or have high intelligence.

What you do need is:

Focus and Goal.

In between, I started another company which did moderately well.

This is my story.

Along this journey, I met thousands of people and made friends with many of them. I am not saying, the journey is easy. It’s fulfilling.

I now run a network of niche blogs which are generating great success online. And I do not want to keep this knowledge with myself.

I want to help you bring out your true value in life. And it is because of this:

‘My mission is to help 10000 coaches and writers succeed online.

Deepak machado

And in this mission, I need your help!

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