Who is Deepak?

Hi, my name is Deepak Machado.

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And I am a bitcoin enthusiast!


I feel bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector will have a greater impact on our lives than any other innovation in modern times.

So, when I tell you I’m a bitcoin enthusiast, do not mistake me for selling you on the price of bitcoin.

That’s completely a different story!

Bitcoin is much more than the price. Bitcoin ultimately leads to freedom.

When I stumbled across bitcoin around the year 2013, I completely ignored it.

I thought it was a bad idea.

It was not until I studied it, read about it that completely changed my perspective.

And there was no stopping me. I became deeply believing the philosophy behind bitcoin.

Here was ‘money’ with its new form staring at the wide world.

What I mean to say is bitcoin = money.

Now, everyone has a different definition of money.

If you think from the first principles point of view, bitcoin is the best and the hardest money that mankind has ever seen.

It’s even better than gold, which for centuries had been money.

And in this blog, you will learn and appreciate, why bitcoin is different and why bitcoin matters.

I’ve been vocal about bitcoin on various media in and out of Dubai. Here are a few of my thoughts:

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You may have heard, ‘money makes the world go around‘, right. I actually found out it does. Everything that you do in your life, has money involved somewhere in it. But, many of us have a love-hate relationship with money.

Money is never enough‘, some say. Others say, ‘money is evil.’

I too was in this camp once upon a time. But that has now changed. I now have a positive relationship with money. And from the day I started having this positive relationship with money, my life has changed for good. I’m happier, I’m more productive, I’m more energetic.

And this is what I’d like to share with you through this blog.

While growing up, my brother and I had a good childhood and our parents never let us know what was going on below the surface. We were happy. I enjoyed my time with my grandparents.

Saving money was never my priority, for most of my career. I spent money on parties, gadgets, clothes and so on. However, reality struck one day when I saw my finances. It was all over the place:

  • Credit card with huge outstanding
  • No investments to call my own
  • No proper planning of where I’d go with life

To a certain extent, I was depressed with the state of my finances. To further worsen my situation, I refused to accept or seek help from anyone. My financial life was kind of in a coma for more than 10 years into my career.

So, what changed me?

My Dreams.

I had audacious dreams…..like owning a good apartment, 7 figure $ net worth, etc

How this happened?

I realized that my dreams will remain dreams if I do not take action on my dreams. And after reading several books, magazines, articles, publications, I developed my own framework to achieve my dreams.

I call it: DGAH

DGAH stands for Dreams —> Goals —> Action —> Habits

Whatever be your goal, if you follow this framework, your chances of success are 90%. Rest is luck.

I have a dream, a mission.

My mission is to help 10000 people build everlasting wealth.

The most basic change you will need is your mindset. If your mind lives in the past and you’re trying to move to the future, this is incongruent. Your dreams, your actions do not match. This was very hard for me too.

Here is what you will learn from this blog:

bitcoin: You need to learn about the future of money

Bitcoin has changed my perspective on life. Since the time I’ve come across bitcoin, I’ve learned each day. It’s continuous learning.

Along with this, you’ll also learn about #PersonalFinance, #Investments, and #Stocks. It’s good to learn about the basic concepts of money and where to invest your money.

So there you are!

If you’re someone, who’d like to learn and at the same time build wealth (become rich), I will help you do that.